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The purpose of the Sea Scout Ship Conquest is to provide a program that teaches seamanship and promotes citizenship and responsibility to young adults between the ages of 13 and 20. To accomplish this, we offer a program of traditional Sea Scouting


Advancement is a four level program that teaches basic to advanced seamanship, boat handling, navigation, piloting, rules of the road, knot tying, splicing, organization, responsibility and good citizenship.


In addition, members receive expert training in

Seamanship and Boat Handling
Every member takes his or her turn at the helm, listening to the marine radio and on lookout. They learn the proper methods of handling large and small boats, the meanings of lights and buoys, how to drop an anchor and approach a dock.

Vessel Maintenance
Every member of the crew takes pride in the condition of our boats. As a Ship, we are responsible for the maintenance of the vessels used by our Ship. Members learn the proper ways to maintain the hulls, decks, equipment and engines on each vessel.

Navigation and Piloting
Rules of the Road, right-of-way, lights, buoys, aids and hazards to navigation. Members learn how to read a chart, plot a course and to read and follow a compass.

Marlinespike Seamanship
How to work with lines. Knot tying, splicing and sewing.


  • Safety

  • First Aid

  • Sea History

  • Swimming

  • Radio Operation

  • Drill

  • Sailing

  • Maritime careers

  • Ground Tackle

  • Weather

  • Canoeing

  • Galley



Besides learning interesting and useful skills, members of the Conquest also have lots  of fun:

We cruise to Catalina Island several times a year including Avalon, the Isthmus, Emerald Bay, Catalina Harbor and other exciting destinations. We also take several harbor cruises, fishing trips and whale watches.

Each summer we take an annual Summer Cruise. These cruises last one to two weeks and visit places like the Channel Islands, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz and other distant locations.

We also participate in several nautical competitions every year which put the things we learn to the test against other Sea Scout ships across the nation. These include:

  • Long Beach Invitational Regatta
    (Second Saturday in March)

  • Squadron Review
    (Last Saturday in April)

  • Ancient Mariner Regatta
    (Memorial Day Weekend in Alameda, CA)

  • Long Beach Regatta
    (Last Saturday in October)

  • Southwestern Rendezvous
    (Thanksgiving Weekend in Port Hueneme, CA)

Dances, barbecues, picnics, beach & pool parties, camping, hiking, snow trips, movie nights, lake & desert trips, and discounts to Disneyland, Knott’s, and Magic Mountain round out the program


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