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So, who are Sea Scouts?

Sea Scouting had its beginning at a campfire in England in 1909. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, a British Army Officer and Boy Scout Founder voiced the hope that older Scouts would be interested in learning about boat management and seamanship. He stressed the need for young men to prepare themselves for service on their country's ships.

Following the campfire, Lord Baden-Powell's older brother, Warington Baden-Powell, K.C., Admiralty Lawyer, accomplished sailor and canoe sailing inventor, wrote a book called Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys. Sea Scouting evolved over the next few years and in 1911, B-P wrote, "Sea Scouting is not necessarily a scheme for turning out a boy as a ready-made sailor with a view to his going to sea. But rather to teach him, by means which attract him, to be handy, quick and disciplined man, able to look after himself and to help others in danger." During World War I (and also in World War II) English Sea Scouts were attached to Coast Guard Stations around the English coast, where they performed coast-watching duties.

Warington Baden-Powell's book was enthusiastically received by the young men of Britain and soon found its way to the United States.

In 1912, inspired by the newly formed Boy Scout program, a man named Arthur Carey of Waltham, Massachusetts recognized the need for a similar type of organized activity for young adults. Since Mr. Carey was also a dedicated yachtsman, it was natural for him to combine his dedication to young people with his love for the sea, and the Sea Scouts was founded in the United States.

On November 7, 1923, the first Sea Scout Ship in Long Beach, the Ticonderoga, held its first meeting in Alamitos Bay. Many ships have started in Long Beach since and the Sea Scout program here is one of the longest running in the United States.

From a humble beginning aboard the private vessels of a few dedicated people, the Sea Scouts now boast the foremost boating program for young adults in the world.

A group of Sea Scouts (adults and youth) is referred to as a Ship, and traditionally carries the name of its primary vessel.

The Sea Scout Ship Conquest

The Sea Scout Ship Conquest was founded in 1963 in the Long Beach Area Council, California, and has served the youth of the Long Beach area for over 50 years. Initially, the ship acquired the vessel of the recently folded S.E.S. Spartan, a 40' converted U.S. Navy motor launch. The Spartan had built a cabin and re-installed a 60 horse Buda DB diesel engine. A few years later, the engine was replaced with a 6-71 Graymarine Diesel. In 1970, the entire cabin was replaced and the boat served the ship until 1981 when the 48' vessel Volunteer IV became available. Re-named Conquest, it was the ship's primary vessel for the next 20 years. Recently, the ship has been building a new vessel that has become the centerpiece of a new program featuring cruising to Catalina, Cannnel Islands, the West Coast to San Francisco and Points North!

In recent years, the Conquest has been one of the most active ships in the Long Beach area. Most of the adult leaders are people who came up as members of the ship and include several who earned the rank of Quartermaster. Some of our members have gone on to serve in all branches of the military. Others have entered careers in marine design, drafting, engineering, teaching, management, child care, civil service and law enforcement.

The Conquest prides itself on it's record of community service, providing color guards, traffic control at community events, promoting Sea Scouts with presentations and displays at local boat shows, trade shows, high schools, shopping malls and other community events. In addition, the ship frequently responds to distress calls and has rescued numerous stranded and grounded boaters over the years.

The Conquest is proud of the positive influence we have had on our members and on the community.

Conquest 1963-1981  Conquest 1981-2002 

Who May Join?

Membership in the S.S.S. Conquest is open to young men and women who have completed the 8th grade. You may remain a member until your 21st birthday.

We require that you attend four meetings/activities with the ship after which the crew will vote on your admission.

The registration fee is $24.00 per year and the dues are $5.00 per month.

You will be expected to purchase a Sea Scout Manual and two uniforms. We get uniforms at bargain prices.

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